Holiday Stress

November 30, 2009 at 2:33 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Uncategorized, Why do we meditate?)

Stress is always with us.  It can be a motivator or an inhibitor and either helpful or harmful as we live our busy lives.

While it is a bit simplistic, we can think of stress as an ‘energy source.’ There is ‘good stress’ or positive energy that helps us move forward and accomplish things and there is ‘harmful stress’ or negative energy that drags us down or gets in the way.  Both kinds of stress seem to increase with holidays and other special occasions in our lives.

Having deadlines, project milestones, or events can help us get done what we want to do. These external or internal measures can mark progress and provide satisfaction as we move through a task, or check off things from a list that we want to do. 

Examples might be: a shopping list for our friends for a holiday, or the upcoming publication of a report at work.  The excitement of shopping for someone, or the anticipation of a birthday or special event can produce pleasurable feelings  and motivate us to wait in a line, or seek out that exciting gift or card.

The feeling of relief or accomplishment when a big report or project is complete also provides a sense of intense satisfaction even though there might have been extra hours, late nights and serious work involved.

On the other hand, the stress of having too much to do with no relief, no way to meet others expectations, the pressure of feeling obligated to provide a ‘holiday experience’ for friends or family can be the source of irritation, anxiety and depression.

If there has been some bad history with a particular holiday or work situation with a colleagues or a certain boss, then normal satisfaction can be replaced by dread, fear of failure and an expectation of ‘more bad stuff to come.’

Meditation is a simple and powerful way to sort out the good and bad stress sources in our lives. It is also a very powerful and helpful practice to add greater enjoyment to the positive influences and to manage and eliminate the negative ones.

Regular meditation allows you to be more ‘in control’ of your emotionsal reactions and hence your emotional well being. The practice can also assist you to identify activities and situations in your life that are hurting you emotionally – and more importantly – formulate strategies to manage or eliminate the harmful things.

Whle there are many strategies to manage busy lives, holiday pressures, difficult work situations and hectic schedules, meditation is one of the fastest and most efffective tools to accomplish these goals.

I have written a full course on how to learn to meditate and discover your own ‘power of meditation’ which is presented on the website by clicking the link above. This course can show you how to understand and manage your stess levels.

Check it out, and leave your comments on the course, or perhaps suggest other tools and strategies that you have found helpful on managing the harmful stressors in your life.


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The Placebo Payoff

November 19, 2009 at 11:01 am (Benefits of Meditation, Uncategorized)

Just reading an article in today’s paper about the benefits of ‘placebo therapy.’ This type of therapy is practiced regularly by doctors and accounts for at least 32% of the benefits of all drugs or pills given to patients.

What it means is that even when a patient is given a sugar pill, if they believe that the pill will help the condition, the body actually creates neurological and physiological changes that benefit the body and speed healing.

This simply demonstrates that the body is the healing engine and that medical procedures, while helpful and sometimes necessary, only set up the most favorable circumstance so that the body healing system can do its job. 

The natural healing system is a coordinated group of organs, enzymes and chemical processes in the body that do the healing of everything from physical to emotional trauma. This healing process is an innate characteristic of the body, which tends to heal itself of any breaches or problems. Belief or a will to heal has a powerful stimulant effect on this natural process.

Meditation is a great activator of the healing system. By meditating regularly, the calmness brought about by meditation increases both the speed and effectiveness of several body immune and healing systems.

In additon, combining meditation with the visualization taught in ‘Meditation – The Amazing Journey Within’ can lead to dramatic improvements in health and healing from any physical, emotional or spiritual disorder.

Every passing year, the evidence mounts in the medical world that the power truly is in our minds and bodies to heal the things that afflict us. This new information is really exciting for those of us who meditate!!! And a good reason to start if your have not yet felt the benefits of this age old process!!!

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Maiden Voyage – First Post!!!

November 17, 2009 at 3:21 pm (Uncategorized)

This is the first post in my new blog dedicated to the Power of Meditation. This amazing power rests within each of us and can be the source of unlimited ability and accomplishment. What a payday!!

We each already have the power to control our lives, eliminate stress, attract anything we desire and live lives of fulfillment and prosperity!

I have recently finished writing several books on the subject of meditation, and I invite you to check out the results at my website Please take a look at the material and download the free report. I think you will be amazed at the number of applications that meditation will have in your life.

These books are the results of 35 years of intensive study of the mind body connection, martial arts and meditation and a lifelong interest in the workings of the mind. I have certainly found meditation enormously beneficial to me in both physical, mental and spiritual ways over the years.

I have also seen this practice benefit the students that I have had over the years in practically every area of their lives!!  How cool is that? 

I was just reading this morning about the connection between back pain and stress, and realized that my back pain which I have had intensively for 2 1/2 months is absolutely related to some stressful events in my life. What a wonderful liberating reality. Because if it is stress related, then it is also meditation curable!!! I can’t wait!

I would love to hear from you and have you describe your successes with this wonderful power, since there are relatively few people who meditate regularly. Helping others discover their own ‘amazing journey within’ through the power of meditation would be such a gift to anyone.

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