It’s a Glorious New Year!!

December 31, 2009 at 7:16 pm (Visualization)

So here is my New Year rampage!!!

I love it when new year comes around. I love making plans and dreaming about new things. When this time comes around, we have about three choices and of course, they all have their consequences. 

We can:    1) Do nothing, its another day, its another week and so what! Let’s party and forget it, or let’s go to bed early and forget it, ‘cuz nothin’ matters anyway.

                     2) Look back at the year behind us and remember all the things that went wrong. You know, the promotions we didn’t get, the account we didn’t land, the relationship that went south, the stupid judgements we made, etc. Call it the view of the wreck of the day, the wreck of the week, month or year. We can lament about love lost, money lost, opportunities missed, or bad things that hppened to us or around us.

When we do this, we sometimes go into the ’emo zone’ and immediately we get angry or defensive because all this happened to us or failed us. We might play the blame game or the would-a, could-a should-a game.           OR

                      3) We can forget all that, since we can’t change it anyway, and instead remember the sweetness of being alive. We have a new day dawning, and one day distance from whatever is past. We can set our sights wherever we choose to set them, and lift our vision from the mud to the sky. We write our own ticket in life. We interact with the world the way we choose to, and ultimately we have accountability for how we feel.

I love to choose #3 and set my sights high, and look for every thing that I can that is good for the new year. New goals, new ideas, new energy, and a new vision. Meditation is a big part of that for me, and I love the way it gives me perspective. I am content to own my own life and feelings, and I will take this wonderful new year and make it a winner!!

Check out this visualization tool….

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