Why Learn How to Meditate?

January 14, 2010 at 3:11 pm (Uncategorized, Why do we meditate?)

Why should we learn how to meditate?

This is a fair queston that I get a lot and it deserves a bit of discussion. I can think of many reasons why we should learn how to miditate. I will try in this short article to list those reasons and briefly describe a benefit associated with each of those reasons.

1.   Meditation is a simple skill. It is not difficult to learn to meditate. The essential skills can be taught in a few minutes. The benefits will last a lifetime.

2.   Meditation can be done anywhere without tools, equipment or any special set-up. Since meditation requires no special equipment or location, it is a skill that is truly portable. You can do it almost anywhere, and achieve the calming empowering benefits in minutes.

3.   Meditation can be adapted to the capacity and needs of every individual. The process of ‘learning how to meditate’ is different for each individual. The beauty is that meditation is infinitely flexible and will work its benefits and magic on everyone who is persistant and engaged.

4.   Meditation is a powerful tool. There are few tools that we can access that have the power of meditation. With it you can access your subconscious mind and program yourself to be anything that you choose to be. You can also achieve complete peace in yourself no matter what is going on around you.

5.   Meditation lets us understand the world in a different way. Often we develop views and opinions that are distorted because we are too involved with something, or because we lose perspective. Meditation can help us get a larger picture of the world and a more balanced view of ourselves and those around us. This increase in balance and perspective often allows us to solve problems, overcome obstacles and face challenges that seemed impossible.

 6.   Meditation will improve your health. Many studies show that when we regularly meditate, it improves our heartrate, blood pressure, circulatory and resparatory and nervous systems, among others. Many treatment programs for physical or emotional issues recommend meditation as a part of the healing or theraputic process.

The list of benefits from meditation is nearly infinite, and is as varied as the practicioners themselves. In a future blog post, we will describe benefits in more detail and list some specific examples. In addition to this short list of reasons, there are other questions that I am often asked with regard to learning how to meditate. I have listed a few below.

Q. When whould someone learn to meditate? A. You can learn to meditate at a young age. Young children at age 5 can be taught the basics of meditation consistent with their attention span. Meditation is a great way to build concentration, positive self image and a host of other good attributes in children.

Q. After I learn how to meditate, is that it? Do I need to do it regularly? A. Meditation is something we should practice regularly since your ability to meditate effectively increases with practice and the beneficial effects are cumulative.

Q. How long should I meditate? A. Start with 15 minutes, morning and night. If you can’t make that much time, then start with 5 minutes when you get up and 5 minutes when you go to bed. The payoff will be so good that you will find more time.

Q. Am I too old to learn how to meditate? A. You are never too old to learn how to meditate. It is true that the brain becomes less flexible with age, and that the new neural pathways associated with meditation form more slowly, but this is no barrier. Meditation will have its beneficial effect on everyone, regardless of age.

If you want more information on the amaing power of meditation, then click here!


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