Emotional trauma and stress

January 22, 2010 at 9:09 am (Benefits of Meditation, Uncategorized, Why do we meditate?)

After the discussion of stress in the last post, it may seem that we are somewhat doomed to be damaged by the stress monster. This is not true, but it takes direct action and desire on our part to manage these effects. Stress relief through meditation is clearly a beneficial path.

Emotional distress is also a damaging influence on our brains. Such emotional disturbances cause abnormalities on both structure and function of the brain. Again, from Dr Newberg’s research, emotional disturbance can impair memory storage and retrieval, impair social empathy and damage other parts and functions of the brain. The bottom line is that anxiety and depression wreak havoc on the brain. When we are emotionally distraught, we tend to take things out of context and react inappropriately.

Studies at the University of Wisconson show that those who dwell on distressing thoughts also have lower antibody counts and are more prone to infection and disease. A study at the University of Montreal indicated that failure to control negative emotion can have disastrous psychological and social consequences.

The good news is this: There is strong evidence that we can consciously interrupt these destructive neural processes through meditation. In the study at the University of Montreal mentioned above, researchers found that human subjects could voluntarily alter their mental processes and influence the electrochemical dynamics of neural circuits that promote emotional self-regulation.

The important thing to take from these studies is that streas, anxiety and negative emotion are damaging, which we all already know intuitively without studies to prove it, BUT we can change all that with meditation, positive imagery and relaxation. We have the power to repair our brains, form new neural circuits and create a beneficial nurturing environment in our hearts and minds.

What a wonderful and liberating piece of information to have! We have control in our own hands and we can use the simple tool of meditation to relieve stress, heal our minds and live more productive and clear lives of happiness and joy.

This, by itself is enough reason to engage in regular meditation. This doesn’t even count all the bodily health benefits of meditation and the great power for achievement which meditation unleashes in our intellectual and artistic endeavors. Meditation is truly a wonderful and powerful ability that we possess.

We fully discuss the great effects of stress relief, healing, personal achievement, learning and the creative process and finding yoiur own spirituality in the various books of The Power of Meditation series. You owe it to yourself to unlock your own genius potential!!


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