Getting lost in the little stuff

January 29, 2010 at 2:10 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

As I read the newspaper and check the blogs and news sites each day I am struck at how often we seem both individually and as a society to ‘get lost in the little stuff.’ So much noise is made about a television program or a new consumer product or some other trivial thing that it somehow seems important. Somehow, we just must be part of the latest trend.

Over the years I have noticed some of the following signs of getting ‘lost in the weeds.’ Usually it happens to me when I am too caught up in things that have no real importance and I neglect longer term, important feelings and people.

  • Do you find yourself constantly talking about others, perhaps repeating unflattering stories over and over again?
  • Do you find yourself watching television so much so, that if you suddenly can’t see you favorite programs, you feel lost and even angry?
  • Is fashion and trend more important than good sense?
  • Do you find yourself feeling lethargic with nothing to do and nothing seems to motivate you?
  • Do you constantly look for something new to do or to buy to get a ‘good feeling’ again?
  • Do you find yourself getting overly angry or emotional when you commute?
  • Do you ever wonder who would miss you and what kind of a legacy you would leave if you suddenly vanished?
  • Do you have any learning goals that you just do because you want to?
  • Do you ever stop and wonder about life’s important questions like where we came from or why we are here?

This is just a tiny sample of questions to get you thinking. When we think of the disaster in Haiti and serious trouble elsewhere in the world, and the fact that there are people starving or struggling just to live, and yet consume ourselves on trivialities, we have to stop and reconnect.

Meditation is the most powerful tool we have to relax our physical bodies, revitalize our minds and renew our inner connections. Being fully aware of our physical and spiritual surroundings both in our neighborhood and in our world is an important part of being a person on this planet.

We are all interconnected, and we are all a part of the human family. If one suffers, then we all suffer. If one person’s rights are trampled, then we are all less as a race. If one child goes un-nurtured and un-loved, then we all lose something of our humanity.

I have found that through meditation I can keep my focus and feeling toward larger important things and keep my attention on what is truly important. Taking time to meditate each day and practice mindfulness keeps me connected to my humanity and makes me aware of things around me so that I can do the good that is around me to do. Learn to meditate and you can receive these benefits for yourself. 

What if we all took the time to meditate each day, cleared our hearts and bodies of excess worry and care and then translated that into acts of kindness and love to those around us?

Not only would there be an outpouring of goodness, but the feeling of self-absorption and total focus on ‘what’s in it for me’ would evaporate.

Try it and see.



  1. 1200seconds said,

    Yes I agree with you, meditation is the best method that we can use to get the stress out of our life. Our life in today’s world has become too stressed so I think everybody should meditate, it refreshes the mind

  2. EmbraceLifeCreateSuccess said,

    I completely agree with you on this and thanks for posting the ‘Learn to Meditate’ info as well.
    I find that sometimes I am meditating without even knowing it, by just sitting quietly with my favourite relaxing music playing in the background.
    For me personally, this helps me return to silence and get in touch with myself again, which is increasingly what we need nowadays.
    All the best!

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