Meditation and Harmony

February 9, 2010 at 2:45 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Meditation Music)

Today I was thinking about meditation and harmony. Harmony has several meanings: 1) getting along well with others is often described as ‘harmony,’ 2) in music, notes that sound good together are also called ‘notes in harmony,’ 3) ideas that blend well together are also said to be ‘in harmony.’

At the core, all these and every other description of harmony comes from the concept of ‘a pleasing blend of things where the combined substance is better, more complete and congruent’ than the single thing alone.

Let’s talk for a minute about musical harmony. A musical note has a certain frequency. That frequency gives the musical note its pitch. Notes that sound ‘good’ or pleasing in harmony with the original note are those with related frequencies. This means there is a mathematical relationship that is fairly simple for notes that are ‘in harmony’ with others.

Other frequencies that are more complex in their mathematical relationship with the original tone or have essentially no relationship sound ‘dissonant’ and are less pleasing to the ear.

Our lives are much the same. When there are elements of our lives that are strongly related or well correlated with our inner values or ‘frequencies’ those elements are ‘in harmony’ with where we are. That is reflected in our lives as peace in our hearts and balance in our minds.

If we have conflicting elements in our lives and pressures that are strongly at odds with our inner values and feelings This can generate high levels of stress. Then our hearts feel dissonant and ‘out-of-tune.’

Meditation is a simple and effective way to ‘tune up,’ as it were, the harmony of our hearts and minds. When we meditate, we can easily identify those elements of our lives that make us feel uncomfortable or ‘dissonant.’ If you use visualization then often these dissonances appear as different and often dark or foreboding colors or shapes that do not mesh well.

In mindfulness meditation, often these dissonances will appear as persistent ‘interruptions’ to the focus on the breath or peaceful tranquility of the meditation. The benefit here is that often these thoughts will reveal to us things that we were not aware of that are causing stress and emotional discomfort.

Paying attention to the dissonances and then setting them aside during the meditation for later action can be a productive way of identifying stressors and situations that are damaging to our physical as well as emotional well-being.

Later reflection on these dissonances and then deciding to make changes in our lives or to release old fears and worries is a way to restore the harmony that we want.

The process of identifying these dissonances can be educational, liberating and empowering. After all, we are in control of our minds, and how each situation and person in our lives affects us emotionally is ultimately our own choice and responsibility.

One of the greatest truths we can learn is that we are truly the masters of our minds and we can control our thoughts and decide what to do with our feelings.

Meditation is the most powerful and effective way to channel these thoughts, feelings and mental powers for our own great success and happiness.


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  1. Tracey Mulry said,

    Hi Kellan,

    For me, meditation has such a calming effect and the words you use perfectly describe the benefits of the daily practice of meditation. My whole life was totally changed when I made the decision to implement and use meditation on a regular and usually daily basis. What we focus on internally is what we will create externally in our lives. I found your site is just so fabulous as it sets the basis of how to be who we truly are.

    Thank you again
    Tracey Mulry

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