Meditation and Kindness

February 16, 2010 at 1:54 pm (Benefits of Meditation)

This article is about the relationship between meditation and kindness. This is the first in a series of posts I am intending to have that explore the reationship between meditation and several different emotions which seem to flow naturally from this peaceful and quiet reflection. The first of these is kindness.

In meditation we make ourselves fully present. We experience thngs in the moment. For those less familiar, a brief description might be useful. Being in the moment means to be fully aware of the present second of reality and not thinking about what was past or is to come in the future. We are absorbed – body, mind and spirit – in this present reality and yet also completely aware of the universal consciousness around us.

And, at the same time we are consciously thinking about nothing at all. In other words, we have no immeditate conscious thought, except, perhaps the flowing of our breath, and the awareness simply permeates our being.

While this may sound complicated, we have all experienced it at different times when we fully immerse ourselves in some aspect of our lives and become unaware of everything else. This momentary complete focus is the beginnings of being truly in the moment. To learn more about how to meditate, please follow this link.

An example would be the pure joy experienced in playing with a pet and completely focused on the movements, eyes and sensations of the animal. or of laughing with a child in the pure joy of discovery as they stare in wonder at some new thing.

At such times, we cannot harbor feelings of anger, resentment, or any negative emotion, we begin to feel a oneness with the living being in front of us and by extension, all living things.

At such times, if we let these gentle feelings take root, we will also think of others that we care for, and even the suffering of strangers. We may pause to reflect on the plight of those in Haiti after the earthquake or in other places that have wars or other struggles. Our hearts are naturally awakened to compassion and feelings of yearning to give and love.

These feelings are the natural response to such reflection. If we regularly stifle or discard these feelings and replace them with selfishness or personal needs, we can of course, make our souls insensitive to them. A more subtle struggle is the constant barrage of input from our world which makes it nearly impossible for such intentional quiet and devotion.

If we regularly make a habit of finding the time to reflect and meditate and be truly aware of our present second, to be truly in the moment, a natural outcome of this will be an increase in our tendency to help others, to be kinder to those around us and to be more aware of our common humanity.

Try it and see!


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