Is your house stressing you out?

February 19, 2010 at 12:16 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Meditation Basics)

I was reading an article a couple days ago that struck me as interesting. It was talking about the effects of our environment, especially our living space, on our heart, health, feelings and the effectiveness of our lives.

Clear up your space

Be it big or small, we all live somewhere. We generally have a significant degree of control over how the place we live feels and looks. One thing that we may not think about often is how much our living space affects our lives.

We sometimes get to a point where we freak out and say ‘enough of the clutter.’ We then may go on a rampage and clean overything up for a minute or a day or a week.

There are actually many more acpects to this than just cleaning up junk. There is a great deal of evidence that clutter causes stress and reduces our ability to work and think effectively. This is an obvious relationship.

Less obvious is how we can improve our mental, physical and spiritual health and our attitude towards life by how we maintain our living environment. For example:

Simple things to do

Do we have pictures and images that are uplifting and remind us of positive things?

Do we arrange our furniture and tables and chairs in a way that is both useful and pleasing, or do we have things that we keep meaning to change but just don’t quite get to it?

Do we use a vision board or other visual reminder of goals and desires that we want to accomplish?

Do we have a space where we can effectively meditate and have the quiet and uninterrupted time, even for a few minutes, that allows us to clear our thoughts and hearts and connect  again with who and what we really are?

Do we assertively maintian our space and surroundings or do we let others invade it to the point that we get ‘lost’ in the noise?

When you come home, is the feeling one of welcome and refuge or one of sterility and even worse, revulsion (I would rather be anywhere but here?)

Is home a place where you live, or just where you eat and sleep?

Is it clean enough to enjoy or are you constantly afraid of getting something on your clothes when you sit down?

Paying attention to these seemingly little things can make the difference between a living space that is energizing and gives you power and one that is a drain on your heart and mind.

Take the time to make your living place one of power and peace. Meditation is a practice that can help you both identify changes you can make to increase the beauty and power of your living space and give you the energy and desire to carry it out.

Take the time, your peace is worth every effort.


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