The Olympics and achievement

February 20, 2010 at 4:08 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

You can’t watch the olympics without having an profound feeling of wonder and amazement at the level of achievement exhibited by those spectacular athletes.

The dedication, effort and focused energy is just amazing and like nothing else. I certainly can only imagine how it would be to do some of those things since I have no experience with some of the sports.

However, I am a real ski and snowboard enthusiast and love both of those sports, so I have at least some idea of the tremendous amount of effort that goes into some of those races, aerial tricks and amazing rides.

As I watched the snowboard half-pipe the other night and saw Shaun White simply blow everyone else clear out of the arena, I was thinking back on when I met him in the summer of 2007.

I had signed up for a four day course of grand prix dribing at Bondurant school of racing in Phoenix, and it so happened that Shaun was in the same class. His schedule only allowed him to be able to stay for three of the four days, but it seemed to me that he attacked that sport with the same enthsusiasm as his other endeavors.

I thought of Lindsay Vonn and other athletes who competed despite injuries and difficulties both physical and emotional. It got me thinking about the ‘attitude of achievement.’

Our attitude and approach to things determine so much of our success. If we are truly clear about what we want, and persistent in chasing the dream then nothing can stop us from getting what we truly want.

Meditation is such a powerful force in creating the right attitude and aptitutde for all areas of personal achievement. Athletes such as these regularly visualize and some meditate to improve performance. Certainly this is true in any area of achievement, and not just in sports.

The mental aspect of the performance is as important as the physical preparation. I know this is true in the arts as well, since I perform on the pieno professionally and know how important the mental aspect to all this is.

Meditation can help each of us unlock the greatness inside of us just waiting to shine through.

Try it!


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