The Olympics and achievement Part II

February 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

As I watched a bit more of the Olympics this week, I had a couple of other thoughts that I feel are worth writing. As the athletes perform in sport after sport, we see such preparation and power in the pinnacle of every sport as demonstrated in these contests.

Winners and…Winners

Hewever, for every winner there are dozens if not hundreds of hopefuls, and those who strive but do not make it to the podium or even to the games. Some suggest that these others are losers.

There are those who struggle through adversity and make it, like Lindsay Vonn, and there are those who crash in the attempt, like so many of the skiers and snowboarders or ice skaters and dancers.

There are those who have personal tragedy, like the skater whose mother passed away of a heart attack just after she had arrived in Vancouver to watch her daughter (Joannie Rochette) perform. Her greatness is established by her skating at all – no matter who wins.

What defines achievement?

It is true that only one can have the fastest time or the best performance in a particular event. It is unfortunately also true that money, fame and endorsements also generally follow those who win and not those who don’t.

It is not true that this is the only or even the best measure of achievement of greatness. Achievement is a personal quality that is different for each individual and different for each circumstance.

Anyone who looks in himself or herself and finds the courage and will to do good things, to grow more, to accomplish something good and to create a life worth sharing has succeeded and is a winner.

Everyone has talents in different areas and stregnths in different pursuits. Greatness is the full use of those talents in good ways. The biggest waste is to underuse or no use at all of the talents and capabilities that we have been given – to love, to grow, to do and to be.

I have found that regular meditation clears the mind and resets the perspective as we weigh our opinions of greatness and accomplishment.  Meditation is the true art of hearing your own voice and understanding your own inner strengths and greatness, while at the same time, seeing others in their true light and understanding their talents and goodness as well.

I find that meditation helps calibrate the yardstick or how we measure what is good, and worth having.


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