Meditation and bitterness

March 1, 2010 at 1:03 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

In the last post I talked about meditation and revenge. A compansion feeling is often bitterness. When we have been wronged, or think we have been wronged, we hold terrible feelings of anger or hurt towards the person or situation that has harmed us.

This is natural, particularly if we had nothing to do with what happened and were innocently affected.

We talked last time about revenge, or the active process of seeking personal retribution. In this article, we will discuss the longer term feelings that often stay behind and how they can affect us in a negative way until we choose to clear our hearts.

Whether or not we ever feel that the person or situation that harmed us has ‘justice served’ on them, we often hold feelings of bitterness in our hearts. These often take the form of questions or statements like these: 

  • That was not fair
  • I did not deserve this
  • How could they be co thoughtless and cruel?
  • Why did God allow this to happen?
  • Who are they to think they can get away with this?
  • Why does this always happen to me?

We then carry around a grudge or a feeling of having been ruined, or disadvantaged. Often we think obsessively about what would have happened if… and other similar thoughts.

Studies show that these thoughts and feelings are harmful. They generate hormones and chemicals that damage our brains and impair our judgement. In extreme cases, they cause atrophy of important parts of the brain and diminish our capacity to experience good emotion.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly we are harming ourselves far more than the original insult or act. In addition, the person or situation where our bitterness is directed is often unaware, and certainly not affected by our bitter feelings.

We become unpleasant to be around, we may talk incessantly about the injury or wrong and we stunt our own growth and development by focusing on a past that cannot be changed.

Fortunately we also have the power to effectively mitigate and often erase the emotional anchors that we needlessly carry around.

Some situations require counseling and professional help and some do not. All situations will benefit from meditation and learning to rid ourselves of these feelings. We can become free of the emotional residue of other’s acts or of difficult situations if we choose that path.

Learning to meditate will give you the power to dismiss the dead weight of the past. It can free up your heart to live joyfully in the present. It can give you a breath of fresh clear air instead of the stifling stench of old wounds with their decay and damage.

Your life and heart are your own. Meditation is a wonderful tool that restores perspective and gives energy and life.

Give yourself this wonderful gift!!


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