Meditation and Surgery

April 14, 2010 at 3:28 pm (Benefits of Meditation, Visualization, Why do we meditate?)

At first, this may seem like a strange topic for a blog post. I have the opportunity to have surgery on my ear tomorrow. It is something that I am looking forward to, and at the same time something that I am a little worried about.

The Situation

I have substantial hearing loss and have had to wear hearing aids for about 10 years. I had always assumed that it was heriditary since my father had hearing loss as well. It has gotten progressively worse over the years.

I was always mostly ‘resigned’ to the fact that I had hearing problems, but I was never angry about it. I did however, meditate frequently on the problem and visualized strongly a world where I could hear. This went on for many years.

Recently I want to a doctor to have another test to get a new set of hearing aids since the ones that I have were not working well enough any more. She tested my hearing, confirmed the increase in hearing loss and then stunned me with the announcement that I was a candidate for a type of surgerty that could restore a good portion of my hearing.

Apparently, I have good bone conduction hearing and terrible ear drum path hearing. This means that a problem in the inner ear with the 3 little bones – (mallus, incus and stapes) is causing the hearing loss and that it could be correctable by surgery.

The Solution

She sent me to a specialist in this type of procedure downtown who did further testing and then confirmed that I could have thie surgery and that it would likely give me a substantial portion of my hearing back.

This procedure is scheduled for tomorrow, and I am excited and a bit apprehensive since I have never had any surgery or hospital time of any kind. It is outpatient, and I will be home in one day. They will do one ear tomorrow and the second ear in 6 months. I will keep you posted on how it works.

The hearing problem has affected my work in some ways, since it was difficult to do the meditation music with the hearing challenges. I have developed over the years a combination of reference music and visual tools to help with the technical aspects of the recording process.

My Feelings

I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and wonder toward God for the miracle of getting my hearing back. I have meditated on this miracle often since learing of this possiblility a few weeks ago.

I am fully at peace and prepared for both the procedure and the new world that awaits me afterwards.

The possibility of having my hearing back is almost more than I can imagine at this present second.


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