Meditation and Recovery

April 23, 2010 at 11:33 am (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

One Week Update

This is the final post about my surgery and recovery. Today is Friday, just 8 days after the surgery. I have practiced my meditation every day since the procedure and I feel like the recovery has been greatly enhanced by this practice.

The balance issues decreased rapidly, and they were gone completely in about 3 days. My hearing has been improving gradually, although I can feel the packing that was left in the ear that they operated on. They will remove the packing on my post-op visit on May 17.

I have been able to resume most of my normal acitvities, although I have to be careful about pressure in the ear from blowing my nose or sneezing. I am going to mow the lawn tomorrow and do all the regular yardwork, so I guess that will tell about outdoor work.

I have been taking long walks with the dogs in the morning, and yesterday I did my old 16 mile bike ride. I was about 10 minutes slower, but I felt great afterwards.

I can’t tell how much my hearing will improve yet, but that is supposed to take several weeks and even as long as 3-4 months to completely develop. I am happy and feel very blessed in every respect after this procedure.

What Does This Have to Do With Meditation?

What is the point of putting all this in a meditation blog?  The point is very simple.

Many people feel that meditation is basically a feel good exercise that has no real impact in the practical areas of life. This small example is strong evidence to the contrary. In preparation for the procedure I used meditation to remain calm and focused so that my body responded well.

During the procedure, meditation, even in the semi-conscious state was helpful in how I felt during and immediately after the procedure.

The first day afterwards, I was able to resume many activities far in advance of the normal time associated with short-term recovery.

Now a week later, my life is basically returned to normal, with my hearing improved, my heart light, and my prospects good. The recovery was faster, my heart and mind felt easy and clear and I am eagerly anticipating the full recovery of hearing and even the next procedure on the other ear in 6 months.

Learning and using meditation did not do the procedure for me. It did not repair the damage in the ear, but it facilitated every aspect of preparation and recovery from the surgery in a rapid and positive way. What a great blessing!!


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