Meditation and Giving

April 26, 2010 at 10:17 am (Meditation Basics, Visualization)

This is a bit of a difficult post to write. I have a certain feeling or idea in mind, but I am not completely able to articulate it as well as I would like. I think it is important, so I will try anyway.

What is Giving?

Giving is a word that has many meanings in our language. We can give physical items such as objects or money, we can give mental energy such as concentration or attention or we can give emotional energy, such as friendship, hatred, empathy or love.

Why and how we ‘give’ any of these items varies with the individual and circumstances. Sometimes we give concsiously, as when we donate to a charity. We may unconsciously give off signals about our feeligs when we’re frustrated or distracted.

Live and give with intention

What if we thought about eveything we give? What if we intentionally gave every feeling or action to those around us or to the fabric of the universe? What if we lived more intentionally instead of accidentally?

One aspect of meditation is learning to live in the moment. To live fully conscious of the sensations, emotions, nuances and activities of the present moment of where we are, what we are doing and thinking and with whom we are interacting.

Research has demonstrated that we actually don’t multitask very well. The studies demonstrate that the best that happens is that both items in our multitasking window receive poor attention and reduced quality. What if, instead, we focused entirely on the most important thing that was at hand in each moment of our lives.

One Thing at a Time

If we are working on a project, we do it fully, completely and with every fiber of our mind focused on the task at hand with the intention of doing it the best we are able.

If we are feeling an emotion or expressing a feeling, we completely understand the emotion and its nuances in our minds and hearts and pay it full attention. We express if freely and fully without reservation. 

If we are with someone, we are completely with them and every thought and idea is centered on the relationship, the conversation, the feelings and the moments as they pass one at a time.

Meditation will show you that when you do this, the number of moments that you have do not increase. But instead, your life will be much more intense, more full of meaning and more powerful because each moment is so much more meaningful, focused and full of the intention and energy that make up that moment.

Give youself fully to your life. Every moment, every thought. Focus on the seconds of the day as they pass and fill each with purposeful thought and action. Live Fully, Love Freely, Act Boldly.


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