Meditation and Positive Aspects

May 4, 2010 at 11:39 am (Benefits of Meditation, Visualization)

This might seem like a bit of a strange title for a blog post, but let me explain. I have the good fortune of being associated with a good coach that is in the business of helping people become what they can be and improving all aspects of their lives.

Her name is Dawn Newman and she and I have been regularly visiting for months. She made a suggestion to me one day that has proved very useful and positive in helping focus my meditation sessions and I wanted to share it with you here.

Book of Positive Aspects

This is the title of the exercise that she suggested. It really consists of taking a sheet of paper, or better yet a small book that you can keep and dedicating a page to a single person.

On that page you write down everything that you can think of about that person that is a positive thing. For example, you might describe how it feels to be around them or you might list positive character traits that they have.

You might list how they positively affect others, or things that are uplifting that they might have said or done in your experiences and relationship with that person.

While this is an easy task with a person that you like or you consider a friend, you might also try it with a person who has mistreated you or with whom you are angry.

At first this might seem impossible or at least very difficult, but if you try for a few minutes, you will be surprised at how much you can remember that is positive and something that you feel good about.

Meditation and Positive Thinking

After completing such a list, you then have the opportunity to use the gift and power of meditation to focus more clearly on one or several of these attributes or circumstances.

I completed this exercise with someone in mind who has been extremely unkind and difficult for the past two years. It was a difficult test to say the least.

I can honestly report that it changed my outlook and completely softened my feelings toward that person, even though the situation has yet to change. It removed all anger, resentment and all feelings of having been treated poorly. 

I have not yet been able to remedy the situation but I can tell you that my heart is not stirred up or angry and I am completely at peace regarding the situation.

Better still, through regular meditation, I am completely sure that there will come a time that the situation will be remedied and return to a positive and uplifting circumstance as it once was.


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