Meditation and Fear

May 19, 2010 at 8:24 am (Benefits of Meditation, Visualization, Why do we meditate?)

What is Fear?

Fear is a unique combination of emotion and physical experience. Fear can be associated with a physical circumstance or it can be only in the mind.

While there are many ways to describe it, fear can be defined as the concern, worry or expectation of an unacceptable, damaging or harmful outcome to a present or future situation.

We as humans are unique among species in our ability to anticipate and fear the future or the worry about things that have not happened yet.

This unique ability presents both opportunities and challenges. Anticipation of llikely outcomes, problems and situations is a helpful and useful ability that lets us plan, prepare and enjoy greater success.

Excessive worry about potential problems, ‘boogeymen’ in the closet, all the bad things that might happen and possible failure or rejection is debilitating, hinders growth and stifles creativity and learning.

Is Fear a Bad Thing?

Fear is neither bad or good by itself. It is a natural emotion when we are faced with a real or imagined threat. How much we feel the fear, what we do with it and how much we allow it to control our thinking, planning and actions is the key to the answer to that question.

Fear can lead us to be cautions in a dangerous situation. It can lead to prudent precaution if you drive in the snow on an unfamiliar mountain road. It can lead to better preparation for an important work effort if one worries appropriately about the consequences of a failed presentation. It can lead to moderation in trying a new sport or skill if one has just a little fear of broken bones or injuries.

Generally the problem is not in having too little fear. Mostly we allow our fears control our efforts, weaken our resolve, derail our dreams and slow our progress in many areas.

We are afraid we will fail at losing weight, we don’t think we are good enough to get a promotions, we believe we can never learn to speak or present in public effectively, we are sure that no one will listen to our point of view, we feel small and worthless and so we just quit trying in so many situations.

In this and ten thousand similar ways we allow fear and needless worry to exert far too much control over our lives and success. 

OK, Now What?

In meditation we learn to look at emotions differently. We learn to understand them without their attendant physical effects and then learn to decide when and how much to allow any emotion, especially fear, to control or affect our lives and efforts.

Meditation will teach you to control your fear, to elimanate worry and to master your inner resolve and power. Meditation will give you the tools, courage and resources to destroy you demons and banish your big phobias and silly little worries.

Meditation will give you power to keep a calm assurance about your goals, dreams and daily walk so you have confidence, perspective and are able to live joyously, even on bad days when difficult things happen.

You do not need to be controlled or dominated by fear for one more day. Take the steps you need to free youself of this draining anxiety and controlling worry. Give yourself the power to control your life, feelings and heart. Explore the wonderful tool of Meditation.


1 Comment

  1. CJ Bondarenko said,

    Thank you for this great piece. I sometimes let my fears take a bit too much control over my daily life. I’m self-employed, so, I sometimes have fears that people won’t go to my website and that my sales will fall short which in turn means that my bills will go unpaid, etc., etc., etc. A person can quickly go into a “death spiral”. It takes so much time and effort to get out of that spiral.

    A better use of my time would be to calm down, meditate and get on with it. I used to study buddhism and a big part of it was meditation. Over the past few years, I’ve drifted away from the meditation piece and notice some changes — not for the better!!!

    So, thank you for this post. You give some really great tips and I look forward to my weekly emails and checking out your blog.

    By the way, your music with your meditation course is fantastic. I know that you are a composer/producer and your talent shows.

    Great job!!!!!


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