Meditation and Aging

July 27, 2010 at 10:05 am (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

The Fountain of Youth

There has always been a search for the fountain of youth. From Ponce de Leon to ancient cities lost in jungles to secret elixers known only to hidden societies we have always wanted a formula to roll back time.

We can’t really roll back time, at least yet, and time travel is still only a theoretical possibility or impossibility depending on which theorist you subscribe to.

There are, however some things that you can do to slow the advance of age and the effects on the body and mind. Some of these have to do with nutrition, exercise, smoking, drinking, drug use, sleep, how we choose to live our lives and the habits that we have.

This article will focus on the specific benefits of the practice of meditation and its relationship to the aging processes in both the body and in the mind. 

How does Meditation affect aging?

Meditation does not alter the passage of time. It doe not change the fabric of the spacetime in which we live nor does it allow us to wake up yesterday.

The effects of meditation on aging fall into two areas. Effects on the body and effects on the brain or mind.

Those who regularly meditate generally find improvements to blood pressure, blood flow, digestion, internal systems performance and degeneration, and this includes skin tone and overall health of the inner and outer body.

Specifically meditation can improve your appearance, i.e. your weight, your wrinkles, your facial lines and the health of your skin and the tone of your muscles. That means that if you regularly meditate, it is likely that your body and face will be more attractive, have a healthy glow and last longer than those who do not meditate. More or less, a couple of drops from the fountain of youth.

This is true because those who meditate have healthier circulation, cellular activity, move active healing systems, a more proactive immune system and a host of other similar benefits.

Those who meditate are less affected by stress and pressure, and therefore find their bodies more relaxed and healthy because the chemicals associated with stress are in far less supply.

Similare benefits occur in the brain. Research indicates that those who meditate concentrate better, remember more, learn faster, have more coherant brainwaves and are more creative, more socially aware and get along better in their relationships.

This means that the inner beauty is greater and longer lasting for those who meditate, just as the outer beauty is more obvious and more durable.

So while there is not fountain of youth in a bottle, you have a tool to dramatically influence how the passage of time affects your body and your mind.


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