Meditation and Personal Peace

August 24, 2010 at 10:17 am (Benefits of Meditation, Why do we meditate?)

Morning Walks

I was out with the dogs this morning for their morning walk and it was pretty early as it usually is when I get up. I like to watch the sun come up and see the day come alive.

When I’m really ambitious I get up way before dawn and watch the sky get light and then the sun peek out, but it wasn’t quite so early today.

I was thinking about the turmoil of the world and the struggles of life that are all around all of us. Everybody has good days and bad days and everybody has good things in their lives and challenges.

The key to personal peace is to take time every single day to contemplate the good things in life. The joys and blessings that are all around us. If we even stop for a minute….

Count Your Blessings

What if you take a short time to list – even for just one minute – everything that you can think of that is good in your life? Things for which you are grateful, or which you would be sad to miss.

The start of such a list could be – the beautiful sunrise, eyes to see the colors, ears to hear the birds, strength to get up and move about, a purpose to the day, even if it is to do do hard work.

Such a list might also include a spouse, whether living or on the other side, children, grandchildren, friends to talk and share life with, knowledge about the purpose of life and the beauty of the Creator’s plan.

Also included might be sufficient money or means to live and eat, a healthy body, or at least one healthy enough to make this list and do other good things.

Why do this?

It should be obvious that even in thinking for one minute – the list is endless and you would be breathless to try to cover even the first few things in each category you could think of.

I find that such a reflection, when done regularly leave me feeling peaceful, calm and in balance with the world around me, my relationships and my purposes and expecially my challenges.

It reminds me that no matter the struggle of the day, there is a large backdrop and foundation of good and wonderful circumstance that supports my life and being.

The Path of Meditation

Meditation is a practice of regularly taking time to contemplate our inner feelings, circumstances and to return to equilibrium and peace internally.

This practice will bless your life and calm your heart.

Learn to make it a part of your day and you will be surprised at the beautiful effects on your life, in your relationships and your energy for the future.


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