My name is Kellan Fluckiger and I am the owner and principal author of the site. The goal of this site is to have a good discussion about meditation and the benefits that it offers to us as human beings.

The Power of Meditation

Author of 'The Power of Meditation'

I have had many opporunities in my life that have shaped who I am just as everyone has. I have been a martial arts student and instructor for 35 years. I am also a recording engineer, a composer and artist, a piano teacher, a painter, a father, a husband and an author.

I have recently written 5 books on the power of meditation in our lives. These books cover everything from health, healing and personal achievement to finding your own spirituality. They can be found a http://www.thepowerofmeditation.com for those who may be interested.

Human beings have the unique ability to think about their existence, and to create from that existence anything that they desire. This is one of the basic learnings of meditation. You control your own life with your thought and the power of your mind.

I welcome good discussion and varying viewpoints about meditation in all its forms. I look forward to the conversations!! Thanks for reading. 🙂


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